Skin Exams


At Paladin Dermatology, we recommend full body skin examinations for all patients beyond the age of 21.  These exams are critical to identifying cancerous and pre-cancerous skin lesions, before they become a significant problem.  It’s true that most skin cancers are treatable and curable – but, only if they are caught early.

Office Exams

During your exam, our highly trained staff will visually examine all areas of your body, paying close attention to the most high-risk areas for skin cancer.  Our providers are trained in the use of dermatoscopes to identify early stage skin cancers and atypical skin lesions.  Not all practices use a dermatoscope, but we feel there is no substitute for this high magnification instrument.  We also do “body mapping” to document the size and appearance of atypical lesions, with high resolution digital photographs of all lesions requiring biopsy or future examination.  In order to perform a detailed and thorough examination our exams are scheduled as stand-alone office visits.

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